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Specialising in high quality collaboration collections

218 unique BitBots tradable on the Solana blockchain



details coming soon



$BOTCOIN can be used to generate new BitBots which are airdropped to your wallet!

How much $BOTCOIN does staking pay? Staking yields 2 $BOTCOIN per day.

What happens to my NFT when I stake? All of our staking is non custodial which means your NFT remains in your wallet. However you will not be able to list NFTs that are staking.

How much is $BOTCOIN worth? $BOTCOIN has no financial value but can be used to generate new BitBots which are airdropped to your wallet.

How do I use my $BOTCOIN to generate a new NFT? To generate new BitBots please open a ticket in our discord server and send the required amount of $BOTCOIN to the wallet provided.



Airdrops from all collab collections will be sent randomly to unlisted holders.

Whales in the project (anyone who owns 10+ NFTs) are guaranteed an airdrop from every collab collection.

A.I. Warriors
Supply - 175


Screenshot 2022-11-10 at 19.27.25.png

Supply - 3636

SectorH is a group of security professionals who started a NFT project to build a suite of tools for security research and blockchain NFT token security threats.

Secret Squirrel Association
Supply - 1000

The Secret Squirrel Association is an Exclusive collection of algorithmically generated NFTs residing on the Solana blockchain. Squirrel holders can access numerous benefits, including non-custodial staking for $Pecan, whitelist opportunities, merch, and much more!

A.I. Secret squirrels
Supply - 150

A.I. Energy Apes
Supply - 100

Ape Energy Labs
Supply - 552

Ape Energy Labs is making NFTs carbon-negative. Our deflationary collection consists of seven tiers of passes. Holders can Stake-2-Earn Solana from three revenue streams: badge partnerships, corporate partnerships, and green energy production.



Fcked Catz
Supply - 1422


Fcked Catz stake to earn BIG $BUX!
Stake to earn tokens and trade your $BUX for Solana from the DAO wallet.
Now featuring limited edition celebrities

Gangs of New Pork
Supply - 868

Piggy Blinders Ripping up the City of New Pork. The Gangs of New Pork are making bank while running back street Solana Casino Games, Swine Bingo, Raffles for NFT's and staking for $PORKENS. Holders are eligible for random airdrops.

Bengal Tigers
Supply - 1971


The FIRST-EVER Historical NFT collection on any Blockchain. Created by the NFT Bangla Launchpad Initiative, each Bengal Tiger NFT contains unique pieces of history. We are the first launchpad aiming to sponsor digital artists shackled in crypto-banned countries. 

Money Monsters
Supply - 666


Community owned collection which reinvests 100% of project royalties into the community staking wallet.
Collect $BUX through staking and exchange for real Solana! (see website for details)

Supply - TBC


These Cute but Fearsome Cow VooDoo Dolls are Wreaking Havoc in the NFT Space by Possessing your rugged NFTs by Conjuring up some Dark Spells and bringing your worthless jpegs back to life. Holders are eligible for random airdrops.

Royal Ivory Club
Supply - TBC


A herd of passionate Elephants were born into the Wild Solana Jungle and through much hardship and suffering have regrouped into the Solana ecosystem.





Enter the weekly prize draw using $BOTCOIN for a chance to win 10+ Sol!

What is the Sol Partnership? The Sol Partnership is a collaboration of 20 founding projects. The website will host a listings page with links to all the partner projects. Holders in each of the partner projects can use their SPL staking tokens to purchase weekly tickets to the prize draw for a chance to win Sol prizes.

How much do tickets cost for the Prize Draw? Holders in each of the partner projects can use their SPL staking tokens to purchase tickets for the prize draw. The price per ticket will be set as % of the weekly staking yield. Tickets will also be for sale on the Sol Partnership Prize Draw website for 0.05 Sol.

How much is the prize fund each week? The first 200 tickets sold each week generates 10 Sol which provides the prize fund for the following weeks draw. 60% of funds generated from further sales will also be added to next weeks prize fund. The prize fund will be allocated between 1 jackpot winner and a number of runners up. There will also be NFT prizes from the partner projects.

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